Palestinian Working Women and Amgaad concluded Youth Media Forum 2250 Initiative


The Palestinian Working Women Society for Development and  Amgaad association for creativity and Community Development concluded the "Youth Media Forum 2250" initiative in partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and the REFORM organizations and funded by the Swiss government.

The aim of the program is to promote the civil and political participation of youth based on the UN resolution 2250 in order to increase the human rights awareness of young people and to apply this through social media platforms in order to promote civil peace and national unity.

The initiative targeted 20 young graduate trainees selected through a polarizing advertisement published through social media platforms under certain criteria. The selection criteria were based on those who are between eighteen to thirty-five years old and who were interested in political empowerment and civil peace issues, as well as in the social media field. Besides, people who had the passion or experience to master the editing of a press text, design, or photography, and the ad encouraged the inclusion of disabled youth of both sexes and young women.

The initiative aims at the group's choice to form a media forum that represents a body of youth that mobilizes for their issues, concerns, challenges, and problems. The forum advocates a better future that will rebuild the youth’s character and awareness to strengthen civil peace and national unity.

The initiative dealt with several activities, the most important of which was the holding of a training program, a digital advocacy campaign, and dialogs. The training program dealt with several topics, the most important of which are: Palestinian election law and political participation, as well as UN resolution 2250 on youth, and the mechanism of activating the decision within the Palestinian reality under occupation, on one hand,  the internal conflict. Plus, the political and economic and political disabilities.

The training has also contributed to strengthening the values of community and civic participation within the mechanism of the decision-making of the Authority and the local councils. It also contributed to activating the roles of youth in promoting democratic concepts through the use of monitoring tools and community accountability, as well as on how to design and manage advocacy campaigns that serve civil peace and national reconciliation issues. And to formulate policies as a method for dealing with national and societal issues.  In addition to addressing the importance of digital media and social media platforms in the development of media discourse promoting civil peace, and how digital content is made and linked to media advocacy issues via social media.

Moreover, the initiative also included launching a digital campaign through the Facebook Platform. Its slogan was "Youth and National Unity" to raise the voices of young people and activating the political role of youth.  All in all, this  Support national unity and end the internal conflict as a major demand that changes The reality of Palestinian youth, especially, and the Palestinian people in general, for the better. Besides, promoting community responsibility among young people for the political challenges that are happening how to overcome it peacefully.

Furthermore, the initiative aimed to exchange opinions between Youth groups and the creation of space for meaningful political dialog in order to allow youth to involve and participate and achieve protection for them through the activities of the dialogue meetings that were implemented with them. It is worth noting that this had a positive effect on them when the discussion was held on the issues of the Palestinian Basic Law and the election law as a basic basis for promoting democracy.

In addition, the dialog on the challenges and issues of access for young people and women to decision-making positions was raised to contribute to the strengthening of civil peace and national unity in Palestinian society, and the possibility was opened to hear youth views on women's gender as a measure that could increase women's access to decision-making positions, as well as the CEDAW Convention.

The concept of citizenship, pressure mechanisms, and advocacy was also discussed. Plus, the political participation to promote Palestinian dialog and end the internal conflict and challenges facing youth to reach decision-making positions and make changes in public policies.

By concluding this initiative, a forum was established and it will be the body that can contribute to deepening the process of improving the society and disseminate the democratic awareness for youth in order to bring them out of a crucible of Political exclusion.