The National Society for Democracy and Law & the South Women Media Forum Conclude a Training on Enhancing Youth Capabilities on Disseminating Civil Peace Concept


The National Society for Democracy and Law and the South Women Media Forum in Rafah have concluded a training entitled Enhancing Youth Capabilities in Disseminating the Concepts of Civil Peace. This approaches within the activities of a Future Without Violence Initiative. It also reiterates the framework of the Palestinian Civil Coalition to Promote Civil Peace and National Unity Project implementation by Pal-Think for Strategic Studies Foundation and REFORM Foundation, funded by the Swiss government. The initiative aims to promote concepts of peace and national reconciliation among young lawyers and media professionals, by developing their capabilities and encouraging them to share these ideas in the Palestinian society.

Mr. Omar Shaban, director of Pal-Think for Strategic Studies, members of the National Society for Democracy and Law, directors of the South Women Media Forum, and trainees have participated in the conclusion of the training’s activities.

The initiative was launched with an intensive training entitled “Enhancing the capabilities of youth in spreading the concepts of civil peace”, with the participation of 17 trainees including human rights advocates and media professionals. Walaa Farwana, one of the trainees, explained that the training was 10 hours. She focused on several matters, most importantly of which were mechanisms to improve civil peace among youth, and factors which effect on the civil peace in society.

At the end of the training program, Mr. Omar Shaban, the director of Pal-Think Foundation for Strategic Studies, emphasized the importance of focusing on the youth in order to enhance the values of civil peace and instill the principles of the reconciliation in them. Mr. Shaban believes that youth are capable making a change in the society. Moreover, he also shed the light on the importance of implementing such activities as part of the continuous efforts of Pal-Think to promote the concepts of civil peace and national unity in the Palestinian society. Thus, Pal-Think is keen to enhance cooperation with its partners to achieve that.

Walaa Farwana indicated that the training was based on participation and interaction. She also highlighted on the importance of forming working groups, that aims to provide the trainees new skills which contribute to spread and strengthen civil peace within society and to face all forms of violence.

Ms. Solaf Afana, the executive director of the National Society, confirmed that the initiative was important, qualitative, and addressing an interesting topic to all segments of society. She explained that the project’s activities will be implemented throughout the following weeks. She finally stressed on the importance of the initiative in promoting civil peace, especially at this critical time in which the Palestinians are facing challenges that threaten the foundations of civil peace and national reconciliation.

Ms. Afana indicated that the initiative will include a variety of activities, the most important of which is a training in which 17 female and male lawyers and media professionals will participate; organizing advocacy campaign, preparing a videoclip, working on two research papers, radio episodes, workshops, and other activities. Ms. Afana underlined that the activities are related to promote a culture of civil peace will not stop with the end of the initiative period, because the National Society takes responsibility upon itself to strengthen the rule of law, spread the spirit of tolerance, and promote civil peace within society, and for that, various future activities will be implemented. Ms. Afana finally thanked the Pal-Think Foundation for adopting support for such important initiatives, explaining that the cooperation between the National Society and the Pal-Think has been going on for years and has achieved great successes.