AlMultaka Forum and Employees Club Association in Jerusalem concluded the Know Your Country initiative


AlMultaka  Forum and Employees Club Association in Jerusalem concluded the Know Your Country initiative in partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and  Reform organizations. This initiative comes as a part of the Palestinian National Coalition to Promote Civil Peace and National Unity project. This project is funded by the Swiss government.

This initiative aimed to promote and disseminate civil and societal peace, besides the culture of non-violence in Palestinian society in order to achieve national unity and establish the Palestinian state.

The initiative targeted teens between  10-18 years from Jerusalem and Gaza City in order to strengthen social ties, social communication, and geographic communication. Children from both cities were encouraged to study their history by conducting preparatory meetings for both teams from Jerusalem and Gaza and providing them with books and encyclopedias.

A dialogue session via Zoom was also carried out with scholars, thinkers, and specialists from Jerusalem and Gaza in terms of societal peace, national unity, and the renunciation of violence through social media platforms. In this session, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri was hosted to talk about the cultural and social legacy of the Palestinian people and its role in promoting reconciliation and national unity.

Then Dr. Ghassan Wishah, the Palestinian historian, spoke about the Palestinian identity, the history of Palestinian people, their struggle and cultural legacy,  and its relationship to national unity. Plus,  the role of intellectuals and scholars in pressuring decision-makers to fulfill the Palestinian reconciliation.

Moreover, an online campaign was also launched to promote the concepts of societal peace and community reconciliation. As well as, to strengthen the unity of the Palestinian fabric in both parts of the country through social media (Facebook). It is worth noting that these Facebook ads were funded for a month.

Finally, our initiative has been completed, but we believe that the activities and events that took place in it will continue until the achievement of national unity and establishing the free Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital through joint action between the two parts of the country and the efforts of its loyal children.